Scouting Out Erik Hansen Scout Park

Erik Hansen Scout Park in Kenai

Scouting Out Erik Hansen Scout Park

Perhaps one of the most scenic views in Kenai, Alaska can be found at Erik Hansen Scout Park. The park is located in Old Town Kenai where Mission Avenue, Upland Drive, and Cook Drive meet, and is a short walking distance from the Holy Assumption Russian Orthodox Church and Old Town Kenai Park.

This little park is packed with big views. It is situated along the bluffs of the Kenai River and overlooks where the mouth of the river pours into the Cook Inlet, with majestic views of volcanoes in the distance. Several park benches and landscaping add to the overall features that make the park a great stopping point on your visit to Kenai.

The Erik Hansen Scout Park showcases “The Boy Scout” statue, which was built by sculptor R.Tait McKenzie in 1911. The park was the 1997 Eagle Scout project of Scout Chris Walker from Troop 357, who completed the project with the help of his entire Scout Troop 357.

The property was donated by longtime Scout Leader Dr. Peter O. Hansen and his wife Karolee in honor of their son Erik Hansen (also a member of Troop 357), who passed away at a young age. Erik himself became an Eagle Scout in 1982. 

Erik Hansen Scout Park in Kenai
(Source: I Love Kenai)

Erik Hansen Scout Park is the best place to witness the various seasons of Kenai.

In fall, you can watch beautiful cloud formations and the lift off of birds migrating south for the winter.

In winter, you can experience Mt. Redoubt covered in snow shining brightly in the sun or watch the fog drift in and out of Cook Inlet.

In spring, as the snow is melting and ice is breaking in the river, you can see the fresh new face of grass and blooms start to appear.

It’s not unusual to encounter bald eagles and seabirds drifting in the winds along the bluffs or see moose grazing on the growth of trees and brush surrounding the park. With the viewing telescope, you can see into the distance across the river or the Cook Inlet to experience gorgeous Alaskan scenery up close.

PFrom Erik Hansen Scout Park you can walk to the entrance of Meeks Trail which takes you to Kenai North Beach or head in the opposite direction to grab a brew at Kenai Joe’s Taphouse.

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