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Moving to Alaska to Pursue Your Dreams

Moving to Alaska from the Lower 48 is an exciting experience, but making the transition as smooth as possible requires preparation, research, and planning. Why People Move to Alaska Imagine a place where the tranquility of solitude meets the convenience of modern amenities, a place where every day feels like an adventure, and opportunities for …

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Couple standing next to their home in Alaska

5 Reasons to Move to Alaska

Have you been dreaming of living in a place where you can escape the noise and crowds of urban areas and immerse yourself in natural beauty all year round? Alaska is home to some of the most breathtaking natural scenery in the world, and Kenai provides a gateway to it all.  But it’s not just …

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Kids holding salmon on the Kenai River

Things to Do with Family in Kenai, Alaska

Taking a family trip to Alaska is a fantastic way to experience the great outdoors and create unforgettable memories with your loved ones. The Kenai Peninsula is home to some of the most spectacular scenery in the world, from towering glaciers and stunning coastlines to vast national parks and pristine forests. Whether you’re traveling with …

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Woman on beach in winter standing next to a bike

What’s Winter Like In Alaska?

One of the most common questions asked by out-of-staters is, “What do Alaskans do all winter long?” For someone unfamiliar with winters in Alaska, it may be difficult to imagine what life on the last frontier is like once its lush terrain is transformed into a snowy landscape.  Cold winter days are commonplace in Alaska …

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woman doing yoga on Kenai River

Love Where You Live

Whether you’ve called it home for over thirty years or you’re still new in town, loving where you live is never a given. If you don’t like where you currently live, you don’t have to settle.  However, whether you’re already trying to relocate or you’re just now thinking of making a change, sorting out the …

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Mother and daughters enjoying Alaskan sunset

Reasons to Move to Kenai, Alaska

As more people across the US look to relocate, many people have dreamed of living in Alaska. There are many great reasons to move to Kenai, Alaska, but most people don’t know where to begin. Although many people already living in Alaska know about Kenai, those from the Lower 48 still have questions about what …

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Mother son and dog in snow

The Best Place to Raise a Family

Whether you’re an Alaska native or you’re looking for the perfect new location to lay down your forever roots, residents here will tell you that Kenai is the best place to raise a family in Alaska. Here, kids enjoy all the benefits of a small, family-friendly community, without losing the perks that living in a city provides.

woman holding silver salmon in Kenai

Kenai Silver Salmon Derby

Each year in early September, anglers from all over the Kenai Peninsula gear up for the Kenai Silver Salmon Derby. This annual event in mid-September captures the thrill of sportfishing of the silver salmon run, which starts in mid-August.

moose in Alaska

Alaska Wildlife Viewing in Kenai

From the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge to the belugas in the Cook Inlet, Kenai has ideal opportunities for Alaska wildlife viewing. Keep your eyes peeled as you never know when you might see moose ambling down the street. And it’s not uncommon to see brown bears and black bears wandering through natural areas in and around to

Belugas in Kenai

Spotting Beluga Whales In Kenai

Each spring Kenai welcomes the return of beluga whales in the Kenai River. These critically endangered sea creatures travel in pods, singing the songs of the sea. Nicknamed “the canaries of the sea”, the beluga is extremely vocal, with a range of sounds from moos, to squeals, to clicks and chirps, and everything in between.