The Best Place to Raise a Family

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Advantages of Moving To Alaska

Every parent wants to raise their child in an environment that will shape who they are in positive ways. Many parents or prospective parents say they strongly prefer the idea of raising their children in a small town, but don’t want to sacrifice access to certain amenities that a city provides. So where is the best place to move to in Alaska?

Kenai, Alaska offers a unique perspective on what it’s like to live in a small town in Alaska. With an abundance of parks and rec areas, year-round community events, easy access to nature, and plenty of indoor recreational opportunities as well, Kenai answers the question of where the best place to raise a family really is.

Whether you’re an Alaska native or you’re looking for the perfect new location to lay down your forever roots, residents here will tell you that Kenai is simply the best place to raise a family in Alaska. Here, families enjoy all the benefits of a small, family-friendly community without losing the perks that living in a city provides.

Schools In Kenai

Perhaps top of mind for most families is the availability of a quality education that supports the learning and development of children. Kenai is home to public and charter school options at every grade level. Kenai public schools spend over $18,000 per student while the U.S. average spending per student totals about $12,00.

Combined with smaller class sizes and highly trained educators many of Kenai’s students go on to pursue higher education at universities around the country – and furthermore into advanced careers.

Kenai has a public elementary school, middle school, and high school. Mountain View Elementary offers Pre-K to 5th grade. Kenai Middle School provides education for grades 6th through 8th. Kenai Central High School takes students from 9th to 12th grades. 

Kenai also has Kaleidoscope School of Arts and Science, a charter school for kindergarten through 6th grade. Aurora Borealis Charter is for kindergarten through 8th grade. Kenai Alternative High School serves students from 9th to 12th grades.

Schools in Kenai consistently rank highly among the great schools in Alaska. With both public and private options available, and with smaller class sizes, many parents discover that Kenai is an ideal place to raise a family in Alaska. 

Community Events In Kenai

Life in Kenai offers more than just outstanding fishing, close proximity to nature, and stunning views. This community-centric Alaskan town regularly hosts a variety of events, providing terrific family-friendly entertainment throughout the year.

The annual Kenai Kite Festival offers families a great opportunity to enjoy sunny, breezy days in Kenai and along the beach. The annual Fourth of July Parade honors our veterans as well as celebrates Independence Day in a uniquely Alaskan way. The community comes together every September for the Kenai Silver Salmon Derby to raise funds for the Kenai Community Foundation. And Christmas Comes to Kenai is an annual tradition after Thanksgiving to bring in the holiday season with food, games, and entertainment. pound.

Every month, families are also able to attend fun city-sponsored and community-sponsored events. We invite you to check the City of Kenai’s community calendar to see what’s happening when you’re in town to tour Kenai as your next home.

Outdoor Fun for the Whole Family

With the Cook Inlet, the Kenai River, and abundant nature within biking or driving distance, Kenai presents plenty of outdoor activities and recreational opportunities for families. Kenai invests in its parks and recreation. Families in Kenai enjoy community parks, scenic overlooks, beaches, ice skating ponds, the Kenai Oilers baseball stadium, frisbee golf, Kenai Fine Arts Center, and much more.

Kenai also has two sandy beaches that offer year-round recreation. During the winter months, you can enjoy the stunning views of the Aleutian Mountain Range, which includes the active volcanoes Mt. Redoubt, Mt. Spur, and Mt. Iliamna. Families enjoy fat tire biking along the beach during any season, and during the warmer months, fishing and kite flying are popular.

Kenai is known for an abundance of summer activities families can enjoy together, but winter in Kenai is just as fun and beautiful. With proper clothing and planning, there isn’t a season that Kenai families don’t enjoy, so start planning your family trip to Alaska today.

Indoor Recreation for Families

For indoor recreation, families have access to Kenai Cinemas for the latest movies. The Kenai Multipurpose Rink is an ice skating rink that offers great family fun during the winter. The Kenai Recreation Center offers fitness, sports and recreation for people of all ages, as well as the Teen Center which includes a computer lab, table tennis, games and snacks.

The North Peninsula Recreation Center offers a variety of sports and activities, including the legendary indoor pool in Nikiski.

The Extreme Fun Center in Kenai features popular arcade and carnival games, pizza and parties for families. 

Life In Kenai

Kenai is the Best Place to Alaska. It offers the Alaskan lifestyle with the comforts you might find in a bigger city while still retaining the small-town charm that families desire. Kenai is one of the best places in Alaska for families, and it’s why so many people choose Kenai when searching for an ideal place to live and grow old. 

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