Working In Kenai

Jobs in Kenai

Kenai has one of the most diverse economies in Alaska. The job market has remained strong during dips in the national economy. By the numbers, Kenai is one of the best cities to experience the Alaska lifestyle and raise a family.

Kenai is connected to the road system with a commercial airport and public dock, access to high quality health care services and excellent schools, stunning beaches and views of the Cook Inlet, and affordable housing. There is no better place in Alaska to base your home or business.

Top employers in Kenai are Healthcare, Education, Oil & Gas, Retail, Government, Construction, Warehousing & Transportation, Commercial Fishing, and Tourism. You can easily find job opportunities in Kenai using the Alaska Jobs website.

Business Climate in Kenai

The winters may be long in Alaska but the sun is shining bright on Kenai’s business climate. Kenai has seen year-over-year growth for the past several years. With a strong cultural history, engaged and supportive community, more businesses are inspired to locate and grow their businesses in Kenai, an environment ripe for opportunity.

The Kenai Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center, the Small Business Development Center, and Kenai Peninsula Economic Development District offer resources to help business owners launch and thrive in Kenai.


Work-Life Balance in Kenai


With abundant nature and countless outdoor adventures outside your door, Kenai has plenty of ways for people to balance the demands of their work with recreational and social activities. Here you’ll find national and state parks, city parks, bike trails, golfing, fishing, a vibrant arts community, and plenty of outdoor recreation to satisfy your interests.

With short commutes, less traffic, and convenient services, Kenai offers workers the ability to enjoy life to the fullest without the pressures you’d experience in big cities.

Working Remotely in Kenai

Kenai has become a top destination in Alaska for remote workers. With lightning fast internet from GCI and Alaska Communications, workers are able to stay connected with their teams and headquarters around the world. Many local coffee shops and restaurants also offer wi-fi for those workers who prefer to work outside of the house.

The time zone difference allows some workers to take advantage of later shifts offered by employers, or they can begin and end their days early to get an early start on personal, social and recreational activities.

Mobile connectivity in Kenai allows workers to easily use their mobile devices to stay on top of work requirements. For those living off the grid outside of city coverage, satellite internet residents may look to Viasat, Spit Spots, and AT&T through MiFi.


Summer Hours vs Winter Hours

Alaska is known as the land of the midnight sun, and the people of Kenai play hard during the summer when there is a seemingly endless supply of sunlight from early morning to midnight. This makes it easy for people to live their lives to the fullest enjoying the beautiful summer weather and outdoor adventures.

Kenai experiences longer periods of sunlight during the winter than most other places in Alaska. With average sunrise around 9am and average sunset around 5pm, workers can still enjoy the benefits of sunlight during normal working hours in the winter.