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The Kenai Peninsula offers exciting careers in a variety of industries and a talented workforce for your business.

Kenai Peninsula Economic Development


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Working In Kenai

Kenai has one of the most diverse economies in Alaska.

This economic variety has insulated the community from the kind of instability that affects other cities around the US.

Employment opportunities can be found in a variety of industries, including Oil & Gas, Commercial Fisheries and Seafood Processing, Tourism, Education, Medical, Retail, and other professional services.

Oil & Gas

Alaska’s Cook Inlet was the location of its first large oil and gas find back in 1957, which happened before Alaska achieved statehood in 1959. Since then, the Cook Inlet has produced nearly 1.4 billion barrels of oil and 10 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. U.S. Geological Survey scientists believe we have only scratched the surface of what could be discovered in this critically important resource.

Multiple companies and related services offer employment opportunities for the community of Kenai. The Cook Inlet Basin provides almost all of the natural gas used in Alaska for heating and power production.

oil platform in Cook Inlet
Kenai Beach In Winter


The Kenai Peninsula is considered “Alaska’s Playground”, where travelers, thrill seekers and outdoor enthusiasts go to experience the grand beauty of the Last Frontier. The Tourism Industry in Kenai gives employees the opportunity to be where the action is as thousands of tourists come to Kenai for fun.

From sport fishing and sightseeing to lodging and restaurants, the Tourism Industry in Kenai offers abundant opportunities for job seekers to make Kenai their home.

Fishing & Maritime

Commercial fishing and seafood processing together account for about three-quarters of the maritime economy on the Kenai Peninsula.

The industry also includes barge line operators, oil and gas vessel support, sea life science and research, sportfishing and sightseeing charters, engineering, surveyors, fish wholesalers, port and harbor workers, and more.

Kenai’s location on the Cook Inlet and at the mouth of the Kenai River make it the ideal spot for fishing and maritime businesses looking to establish a new headquarters. It also gives job seekers a wide variety of employment opportunities in this thriving industry.