Work Life Balance in Kenai


Escape the Grind in Kenai, Alaska

Nestled where the bountiful Kenai River meets Cook Inlet is the city of Kenai, Alaska. As the heart of “Alaska’s Playground,” this quaint city on the Kenai Peninsula is perfect for anyone seeking solace from the hustle and bustle of modern life. With nature literally in your backyard, the city of Kenai offers what no other city can: true freedom.

Discover True Freedom in Kenai, Alaska

We believe that life is about living, not working. We know that’s a bold statement to make in the age of information, technology, and productivity “hacks.” This is simply the Alaskan way. That’s one reason why Alaska is ranked the third happiest state in the United States, according to a Gallup poll. But why is Alaska such a good place to live?

It’s not so much that we don’t believe in hard work. We just believe that work should take a backseat to enjoying your life. They say that you spend one-third of your entire life at the office. Not in the city of Kenai. Our residents enjoy the kind of balance that most people dream about. Between snow machining after work and fishing every weekend, the last thing we worry about is living to work. We don’t believe that life should revolve around checklists, emails, and rush hour traffic. In fact, we’re too busy trekking along one of our many hiking trails to even think about clocking in the next day.

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In Kenai, you can take your life back. You can pave the way for more adventures. You can experience what it means to be truly free.

Adventure Is Calling You in Kenai, Alaska

From sockeye salmon fishing to spending time on the beach, the city of Kenai is home to all kinds of wildlife and outdoor recreation. Residents are happy to spend their free time exploring every corner of Kenai, discovering the beautiful landscape along the way. Whether you want to hike the lush woodlands or the glacial mountains, adventure is calling your name.

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The best part is that all of Kenai — every inch of its natural richness — is available to you right now. There are no long commutes, only to be met with limited parking, admission fees, and crowded tourist traps. You can simply grab your rod and bait, head out to the Kenai River, and catch the biggest fish you’ve ever caught. It’s that easy — we promise.

Enjoy the ease of adventuring the great outdoors in Kenai, Alaska. Escape the concrete jungle, and discover the wild spirit within us all. The same spirit that connects us to the land beneath our feet and to the people we hold dear in our hearts.

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Welcome To The Heart of the Kenai

We believe that a city is only as good as its people. Kenai takes pride in creating a safe and friendly community where you and your family can grow together.

The Boys and Girls Club of the Kenai Peninsula manages and operates the year-round schedule of the Kenai Recreation Center. Offering both program-based and walk-in activities, our Recreation Center provides opportunities for your children to explore their passions and interests. Witness your child hit their first home-run with the Kenai Little League Baseball team. Experience the rush of watching your pre-teen race down the slopes with their middle school ski team.

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The city of Kenai is known for its excellent school system. Both our public and charter schools systems are designed with your child’s success in mind. We believe in empowering our local youth to achieve their wildest dreams — and have fun doing it.

If you’re planning on starting a family, there’s no better place to raise happy, active children than in Kenai, Alaska. With access to the natural bounty that is the Alaskan outdoors, your children will grow up in a unique environment. The kind of environment you just can’t find as a city dweller.

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Kenai is a wonderful place to settle down and grow as a family. It’s a community full of heart and friendly faces. From our families to yours, we want to welcome you to our city. The best place to Alaska.

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