Press Release: City of Kenai Launches Marketing Campaign to Promote Growing Community

Best Place To Alaska

KENAI, AK— The City of Kenai launches a new campaign, “The Best Place to Alaska” with the intention of showcasing the city’s authentic lifestyle, residential benefits, and growing opportunities. 

While Kenai is widely known for its fishing and oil and gas industries, the campaign raises awareness about the quality of life and work-life balance for those living in the city. With a thriving business community and easy access to outdoor activities, the City of Kenai is positioning itself as the ideal destination for people seeking the ideal Alaskan lifestyle.

“The Best Place to Alaska,” campaign includes a series of videos and ads highlighting the unique benefits of Kenai’s small town lifestyle. The campaign features locals’ pride for its attractions, family-friendly environment, work-life balance, and modern amenities. 

“Those of us who live here can be guilty of forgetting how incredible Kenai is,” said City Manager Paul Ostrander, “But, if you take the time to really look and take note of all of the amazing things we have to do so close to home, you realize that Kenai is in fact ‘The Best Place to Alaska’”

According to World Population Review, Kenai is currently growing at a consistent rate year over year. Its population has increased by 10% since the most recent census and is currently the 7th largest city in Alaska.

This substantial increase can be attributed to the abundant amount of business growth and lower cost of living. The coastal city’s large inventory of land is suitable for an array of industries including transportation, tourism, outdoor recreation and service industries. Kenai has also expanded its programs for responsible development and growth including city-owned land opportunities that offer lease and option to purchase with no lease payments for up to five years.

In 2020, Kenai partnered with the Kenai Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center to create a website, I Love Kenai, to expand on the Alaskan city’s special offerings to potential travelers and transplants. The website promotes the unique benefits of living, working, and playing in Kenai. The website also sells “I Love Kenai” merchandise and memorabilia for people to show off their pride in the community.

Developed with Marketing Agency, Divining Point, “The Best Place to Alaska” represents Kenai’s effort in gaining awareness and support for the growing community. 

To learn more about the City of Kenai and what makes it “The Best Place to Alaska,” visit I Love Kenai . 


Christine Cunningham


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