Moving to Alaska to Pursue Your Dreams


Moving to Alaska from the Lower 48 is an exciting experience, but making the transition as smooth as possible requires preparation, research, and planning.

Why People Move to Alaska

Imagine a place where the tranquility of solitude meets the convenience of modern amenities, a place where every day feels like an adventure, and opportunities for economic growth abound. Welcome to Alaska, the Last Frontier, the perfect destination for your next big move.

Picture this: towering mountains, shimmering glaciers, crystal-clear lakes, and a wildlife spectacle that is simply awe-inspiring. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker, an avid camper, a fishing enthusiast, a passionate hunter, photographer, or a snow sports lover, the unparalleled wilderness of Alaska is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream.

But there’s more to Alaska than just its stunning wilderness. This state is a thriving hub of economic activity that offers a balance between pure wilderness and flourishing communities with industries such as oil and gas, fishing, healthcare, education, and tourism, among others. If you’re an entrepreneur, imagine the satisfaction of building your business in a place that provides well-paying jobs and an array of opportunities for growth. And for those looking to advance their careers, Alaska is a land of promise. Plus, with no state income or sales tax, your money goes further, making Alaska an even more attractive option.

For those dreaming of a peaceful retirement, Alaska offers you the chance to slow down and embrace a quieter pace of life. Picture waking up every day to the majestic views of snow-capped mountains, exploring vast wilderness areas, or strolling along pristine coastlines. And at the heart of it all is Alaska’s sense of community. The welcoming nature of the locals makes it easy to make new friends and build lasting connections. It’s not just a place to live; it’s a place to belong.

Once you have established residency in Alaska, you are eligible for various benefits, such as Alaska’s Permanent Fund Dividend Program, which pays eligible residents a dividend each year based on the state’s oil revenues. Finally, Alaska offers property tax exemptions for seniors, veterans, and disabled individuals, which can help reduce the financial burden of owning a home.

How to Plan a Cross-Country Move to Alaska

Planning a cross-country move may seem like an overwhelming experience, but taking the time to carefully consider and organize the process can make all the difference. 

Your first move should be creating a robust timeline that not only schedules your tasks but also accommodates any unforeseen delays. This strategic planning will ensure a smooth transition, allowing you to step into your new Alaskan home right on schedule.

But before you embark on your journey, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with your future home. Research your chosen Alaskan city thoroughly to get a grasp of key factors like the cost of living, educational institutions, neighborhood dynamics, local real estate, and job prospects. This knowledge will allow you to seamlessly blend into your new surroundings.

You have a world of information at your fingertips, with online resources like official city websites, forums, and social media groups available to assist you in evaluating whether Alaska aligns with your lifestyle and meets your needs. However, nothing can replace the firsthand experience of the place.

Consider taking a brief trip to Alaska. Spend a few days wandering through its breathtaking landscapes, interacting with the friendly locals, and immersing yourself in the Alaskan lifestyle. This taste of the Last Frontier will give you a clear picture of what to expect and help you make an informed decision.

Remember, a well-planned move to a new city is not just about relocation; it’s about laying the groundwork for the next exciting chapter of your life. And what could be more thrilling than starting that chapter in the extraordinary expanse of Alaska?

The City of Kenai

The Kenai Peninsula in particular offers breathtaking natural scenery and a unique sense of serenity, making it a popular destination for visitors and residents alike. Unbeknownst to most people, the Kenai Peninsula has a diverse and dynamic economy that has proven to be resilient over the years. 

Nestled where the Kenai River meets the Cook Inlet, you’ll find the delightful city of Kenai, a welcoming community exuding charm and warmth. Its spectacular beachfront location offers a playground for water sports enthusiasts, serving up exciting activities like fishing, kayaking, and boating. This makes Kenai an irresistible spot for those who thrive in the great outdoors.

Imagine calling Kenai home, a haven where the charm of a small town meets the convenience of contemporary amenities. Whether you’re keen on shopping, food exploration, or seeking entertainment, Kenai has something for everyone, making life in this lively community rich and fulfilling.

What truly makes Kenai stand out, however, is its captivating blend of breathtaking natural beauty and a robust sense of community. Outdoor adventurers can’t resist the call of the area’s rugged terrain and diverse wildlife, while numerous planned events throughout the year present countless opportunities to bond with neighbors and forge new friendships.

Kenai is also proud of its park and trail system, covering over 358 acres of open, green space. These parks, easily accessible to the public, offer year-round opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts to submerge themselves in the mesmerizing beauty of Alaska.

Raising a Family in Kenai

Kenai is the best place to raise a family. The city’s low crime rate and overall sense of safety are just two reasons why Kenai has become an increasingly attractive option for families looking to relocate. The Kenai Peninsula Borough School District provides a range of public schools that offer a high-quality education, with some receiving commendations from education rating organizations. Combine all of this with an abundance of outdoor activities, cultural events, and family-friendly amenities, and you have a recipe for an ideal place for families

Kenai’s redevelopment plans additionally make now a great time for relocation. The city has moved forward with the Kenai Waterfront Revitalization Project to build a mixed-use development for commercial, residential, recreational, and cultural purposes. The Kenai Bluffs Bank Stabilization Project will secure the banks of the Kenai River that border the length of Old Town Kenai, thereby opening up opportunities for retail, restaurants, and more. 

With these new opportunities coming to the city, Kenai offers a unique and exciting opportunity for families seeking a new life. This perfect blend of big city comfort and small-town charm creates the best of both worlds for people looking to move to Alaska.

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