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Kites flying in the sky

Go Fly A Kite In Kenai

Go fly a kite… in Kenai at the annual Kenai Kite Festival. This tradition “lifted off” into the breeze beginning in the summer of 2019 when a group of locals decided that the breezy banks in Kenai were the perfect place for a kite flying party. The community caught on – Walmart offered free small kite kits, and locals tried their hand at unique homemade designs ranging from dragons to pirate ships – and everything in between.

Cunningham Park with the Kenai River

A Stroll Through Cunningham Park

Tucked away off Beaver Loop Rd in Kenai, Alaska is Cunningham Park, where visitors can enjoy fishing the Kenai River, taking a stroll along the boardwalk, or enjoying a summertime picnic. With restrooms built and ample parking, the park offers some convenient comforts for visitors who want to experience scenic views of the Kenai River and nearby mountain ranges.

fat tire biking on Kenai's beaches

Fat Tire Biking On Kenai’s Beaches

On the beaches of Kenai, you can ride a fat-tire bike for a few minutes, a few hours, a day, or even make it an overnight beach trip. There are endless fat-tire biking opportunities to be had in and around Kenai regardless of the season.

The beach at Captain Cook State Recreation Area

Discovering Captain Cook State Recreation Area

Nestled in the furthest northwest corner of the Kenai Peninsula sits the Captain Cook State Recreation Area, a large slice of park land located just 14 miles north of Kenai. The park encompasses an area that equals 3,460 acres which is covered with forests, lakes, streams, and beautiful beaches that abut the Cook Inlet.

Fourth of July in Kenai

Celebrating Fourth of July in Kenai

It is no secret that summer in the city of Kenai is nothing short of fantastic. Averaging 250 hours of sun in July, Kenai is the best place to celebrate Independence Day with the Kenai Fourth of July Parade and Festivities.

Kenai Personal Use Fishery

Experience One of Nature’s Largest Salmon Migrations

Each year tens of thousands of sockeye salmon (also known as red salmon) make their migration from the Pacific Ocean to the Kenai River to return to their spawning grounds. It’s also one of the largest gatherings of Alaskan residents to participate in the Kenai Personal Use Fishery for dipnetting.

Erik Hansen Scout Park in Kenai

Scouting Out Erik Hansen Scout Park

Perhaps one of the most scenic views in Kenai, Alaska can be found at Erik Hansen Scout Park. The park is located in Old Town Kenai where Mission Avenue, Upland Drive, and Cook Drive meet, and is a short walking distance from the Holy Assumption Russian Orthodox Church and Old Town Kenai Park.

Christmas Comes to Kenai1

Christmas Comes To Kenai

The “Christmas Comes to Kenai” festival is an annual tradition in Kenai, Alaska that invites everyone in the community to revel in the holiday spirit. Between the official Santa float, lights parade, and local art fair, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. 

Eagle In Trees In Kenai

For Eagle-Eyed Explorers: Birding In Kenai

Home to nearly five hundred bird species, birding in Kenai is rich with opportunities for both the experienced Audubon and novice birding enthusiast.

From the rare, sheep-hunting golden eagle to the carefree, summer-loving bohemian waxwing — the Kenai Peninsula is a popular spot for hundreds of unique bird species.


Work Life Balance in Kenai

Nestled where the bountiful Kenai River meets Cook Inlet is the city of Kenai, Alaska. As the heart of “Alaska’s Playground,” this quaint city on the Kenai Peninsula is perfect for anyone seeking solace from the hustle and bustle of modern life. With nature literally in your backyard, the city of Kenai offers what no other city can: true freedom.